Brands and Suppliers

KRAS : Established in 1911 Kras is today one of Europes leading manufactures of confectionary. Well known for its production of premium quality wafer biscuits,  Kras also produce a wide range of choclates and candy products. The most recognized brands include Griotte, Dorina, Animal Kingdom, Bananko and many more… For more visit


KAROLINA:Established in 1909 in the city of Osijek, Croatia. From its beginnings with a rich tradition Karolina has been producing a variety of premium quality biscuits and wafers. Karolina produce a diverse range of products, the most popular brands being Jadro & Moto. Karolina is one of the top suppliers of high quality biscuits especially throughout South eastern Europe and around the world. For more info visit


MIRA: Since 1928 Mira has been producing tea biscuits, wafers and gingerbreads. Since joining the Kras Group Mira is now a leading manufacturer of confectionery products. They have a strong market share throughout Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, also exporting to all major countries around Europe, Germany, France, UK and also USA, Canada and Australia. For more info visit



KELLY’S : Founded in 1965 Kelly’s is Austria’s leading producer of snacks. Today Kelly enjoys world wide success and is well known for its successful branding of Soletti Salted Sticks and pretzels and a wide assortment of many more snacks enjoyed by many across the globe… For more visit


ATLANTIC Grupa: The Atlantic Group is Croatian multinational company with firms and representative offices in 11 countries. It exports its products to more than 30 markets worldwide the majority of trade is throughout Western and Eastern European markets. Atlantic Grupa has developed partnerships with regional and national distributors to bring together many products such as Argeta, Cockta, Cedevita, Bananica and many more. For more info visit; 


DROGA KOLINSKA: Droga Kolinska Group was established in 2005 consisting of 26 associated companies. Some companies in the group already boasting a rich tradition dating back as far as 1908. With this vast tradition behind each company they are producing a variety of products, some of the more popular brands include a range of soft drinks like Cockta & Jupi, Argeta spreads, coffees and other snacks. For more info visit:


ARGETA: In 1957 Argeta began producing fish pate for the local market a few years later they began the production of the Argeta Chicken Pate. Today Argeta is the world’s largest producer of meat and fish pate, sold all around the world. A wide range of Argeta spreads are tailored to meet a variety of tastes for all generations from young to old.   For more info visit;

COCKTA: The origin of Cockta soft drink dates back to 1952 when Ivan Deu (Director of Slovenijavino) had an idea to produce an original Slovenian beverage to rival other soft drink from abroad. With the help of Emerik Zelinka they created a bland of a drink from rosehip, caramel, mixed herbs and spring water.  Cockta was first launched on the 8th March 1953. Since then Cockta’s unique taste and no caffeine is becoming more and more popular around the world. For more info visit  

CEDEVITA:  Cedevita is one of the most popular Croatian brands of an instant multivitamin drink with 9 essential vitamins. For over 45years Cedevita has been perfecting its formula and flavours gradually. At the beginning there was only orange flavour available but now the range has expended to many other flavours; lime, lemon, elderflower just to name a few. Today more than 9,000 tons of Cedevita are produced every year under strict standards of quality control. For more info visit 


Donat Mg: The 'Donat Mg' brand of natural mineral water has been commercially available since 1908, but the history of the Rogaška mineral water springs dates back to ancient time used by the Celtics & Romans in 1141. Rich in magnesium Donat Mg has many health benefits on the human body. It helps with digestion, heartburn, constipation and general improvement in quality of life. For more info visit


DELAMARIS : The only producer of canned fish in Slovenia dating back to 1879. Delamaris produce a wide range of canned sardines and mackerels that are well known in many countries around the world. For more visit


SA COMEL : For over 30 years Comel has been improving the process of open kettle producing traditional and organic jam and marmalade based on old home made recipes. Comel  produce many varieties of jams and marmalades under the brand Vallee and also Garden Fresh. For more info visit their web page


JAMNICA: is the largest producer of natural mineral water in Croatia, with the first bottle filled in 1828. By the end of the 19th century Jamnica was exported through-out Europe and USA. Today Jamnica sets the trend nurturing a century old tradition to produce one of the most recongnisable authentic natural minera water. For more info visit


ROLNIK: For over 20 years Rolnik has been producing vegetable products for the Polish and international markets with many significant awards for high quality products. From their large manufacturing facilities in Poland they produce a great variety of pickled vegetables, canned fruits, pates, and relishes just to name a few. For more visit 


LANDENA  : Landena is an Austrian based company widely known for its production of meat spreads, sauces and desserts, and is the producer of Drava , Ham, Turkey and Liver Paste. For more visit


ZITO d.d. is based in Slovenia, the company produces bakery, milling products, candy, pasta, herbs and spices, teas and rice. Some of the more popular brands names are; Zlato Polje, 1001 Cvet, Maestro, Sumi, Grande among others. Sumi bonbon doo, Zito Maloprodaja doo, Zito Nepremicnine doo and Sumi Nepremicnine, all based in Slovenia, as well as LD Zito doo, based in Croatia, Zito doo, based in Serbia and Zito Pl dooel, based in Macedonia. All these companies are part of the Zito d.d. Group. For more info visit


ETOL : Over 70 years old Etol is a Slovenian based producer of flavours for drinks, confectionery, spices and many other products. For more visit


GEA :Tovarna olja GEA was formed in Solvenia over 100 years ago and is generally known  for its production of premium quality pumpkins seed oil. Gea produce an extensive range  of Pumpkin seed and other cooking oil products. For more visit 


QUARANTA: Quaranta Confectionery Industry was established in 1924 in the town of Caravaggio Italy and for three generations have been producing variety of soft nougats bars, crunchy and few varieties of biscuits. For more information visit;






NUHEALTH: Is a young company who produces 'Rice-Up' brand of healthy snacks. The main used grains are brown rice, black imperial rice, chia, quinoa, spelled etc. Nuhealth produces different wholegrain brown rice snacks like rice chips, rice rolls, rice cakes, rice cakes with chocolate. Nuhealth is certified with IFS, HALAL, and KOSHER. For more info visit;